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Human & Community Centered Resilience

Managed Retreat

What is Managed Retreat and how do we facilitate

it holistically and human-centered?


What is Managed Retreat?

the proactive movement and transition of people and ecosystems away from vulnerable coastal areas to avoid the loss of homes or lives before disasters or climate incidents occur.

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Why is Managed Retreat so Taboo?

there are very few government initiatives, plans, or programs in the United States to subsidize communities and homeowners want to take preventive measures to relocate before disaster strikes

It's expensive and won't win politicians many votes. 

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Why is

Managed Retreat so Difficult?

People have strong ties to where they live and change is difficult to accept. 

People are very protective of the place they call home.

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How is Managed Retreat Facilitated?

Empowering people and providing funding, choice, and say in their future is essential to successful human centered retreat.






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Where can Managed Retreat be executed?

Managed retreat can be used in costal areas, areas prone to fire, or any other situation that put lives at risk

Any where that has the potential for devastating impacts from

climate change


What does the future Rockaway Peninsula Look Like? 

A nearly complete & total retreat from the Rockways — meaning the end of permanent human habitation on the peninsula.

By 2100, there is a high likely hood that climate change will cause the sea levels to rise by 10 feet. With this level of sea inundation,  the Rockaway Peninsula will be mostly underwater.


How do we Manage Retreating

from the Rockaways?

Equity First Strategies & Policies

Equitable distribution of funds for relocation should be allocated, first to families and populations that have been historically underrepresented or burdened by unsafe & death threatening environmental conditions for decades.

Guiding Principles of Managed Retreat

Strategies Over Solutions

Visioning high-level possibilities for the future & frameworking paths towards community resilience


Climate Crisis
is Here

Building Community knowledge to protect physical and mental wellbeing is essential



Must accept the future impact of sea rise and climate change to create community resilience


Maintain Community

Retreat from coastal areas will be necessary —  relocation does not equal loss of community


Over Profit

Retreat will be costly, future human safety must take priority over capitalistic development


Right to Housing

Due to climate change, loss of homes will happen  secure transition to new housing is critical


Community is Diverse

To ensure a just, equitable transition underrepresented voices must be elevated and heard


Consensus is Hard

Diverse experiences and desires will make consensus difficult, understanding & empathy

is vital

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