Pratt 2014 Studio

Program for Sustainable Planning and Development

The Rockaway Waterfront Alliance partnered with Pratt Institute’s Programs for Sustainable Development and Planning to engage in a planning study of the peninsula, focused on the communities of Arverne and Edgemere, and create a plan for the future of the area. This studio report not only summarizes the conditions faced by residents today, but also lays out concrete recommendations for how to move to a more resilient Rockaway in which all residents have decent, affordable housing, economic opportunity, and the ability to safely and rapidly move in and off the peninsula.

Pratt DCCR Studio 2019

Exploring the aspects of planning, policy, and design responses to climate change, the Pratt Delta Cities Coastal Resilience (DCCR) studio team worked with organizations in New York City, with its focus on waterfront and other areas at risk of sea level rise. These significant maritime industrial areas and low-lying neighborhoods are home to some of New York City’s most underserved communities.

Building Equity through Managed Retreat: A Case Study on Edgemere, Queens

(Pratt School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment)

Land use and coastal management can deliver a just transition to communities by prioritizing ecological restoration and environmentally sustainable use of abandoned land, ensuring they contribute to thriving ecologies, not extractive economies. When land and local assets are owned and governed by coastal communities, these can facilitate inclusive wealth generation that supports residents through neighborhood transition. This study explores a more disruptive adaptation alternative: Managed Retreat — the strategic relocation of people and assets out of harm’s way.

Pratt DCCR Studio 2020

The Delta Cities Coastal Resilience Fall 2020 studio, is a continuation of a body of work, led by Pratt Institute students, working closely with Jamaica Bay’s community led organizations to propose social, environmental, and economic alternatives to create climate adaptation strategies.

ShoreCorps Engagement Session 

Fall 2020 Studio

The engagement session was designed by the Fall 2020 Studio team, as a first step to the Shore Corps Action Agenda Campaign based on the questionnaire responses and feedback. This was conducted to gain information and insights on Shore Corps, their interests, and thoughts on the studio’s proposal to better understand if the work of the studio group is inclusive of the populations of interests to the community.


The second engagement meeting was conducted to survey where the Shore Corps students resided within the greater Jamaica Bay community. The survey further intended to understand the issues experienced by the Shore Corps community within the systems that the studio studied. The studio group finally conducted brainstorming sessions with the focus group of the community to outline and prioritize the areas of focus to build upon for the visioning.